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Gastronomy is a cozy art. It transcends the language barrier, makes friends and warms the heart. - Samuel Chamberlain

Le Saint-Sau Pub Gourmand

The oldest restaurant in the village of Saint-Sauveur has a makeover and changed vocation to become LE SAINT-SAU, PUB GOURMAND.

Enjoy a wide range of wines by the glass, a good range of Quebec and international beers while enjoying bistro style dishes. With is menu carefully prepared, needless to say that LE SAINT-SAU, PUB GOURMAND offers one of the most attractive tables Laurentians.

LE SAINT-SAU, PUB GOURMAND wants to be a convivial and cozy gathering place, good for the belly! Our modern pub offers the best location in St-Sauveur in the heart of Main Street, a south facing terrace and a sunny dining room, where you can enjoy all the local animation.

A special thank to ...

Thank to Sleeman for their contribution as a sponsor and of course, for the excellence of their products!



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Opening Hours

7 to Midnight Monday to Friday
8 to Midnight Saturday and Sunday

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